Budamobil-Cargo Kft.


Homokgyőr 33/a. Kalocsa 6300 Magyarország

Other information

Other information:


Budamobil-Cargo has been operating as an Ltd. since 1st July, 2008, however, its
legal predecessors operated in the field of manufacturing commercial vehicles from 1968.

The company’s main activities include producing complete main part units for automobiles
and commercial vehicles (chassis, air separation box, steel tippers, tipping constructions, etc.),
moreover, heavy steel constructions (steel towers, steel-framed factory plants, other constructions,
machine frames, conveyors for production lines, and so forth). Our activities follow the
requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and EN 1090-2.

The majority of buyers are German,Austrian, English vehicle producers
and agricultural machinery manufacturers.
Naturally, production is also aimed at prestigious Hungarian partners as well.