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Other information

Other information:

HOLES Kft., Budapest

HOLES Műanyag-Siklócsapágy Kft. was founded in 1991 by Gábor Holes. Since the early 90s our family owned enterprise has become a dominant player in the Hungarian market, milling and distributing industrial plastics and manufacturing a large variety of plastic components.

Our business philosophy is about respecting our clients and always exceeding their expectations.The way we conduct business and provide technical support gives added value to our products and services. Our most important aim is to constantly raise our standards and to continuously build and strenghten the trust our suppliers and customers have in our company.

We represent efficiency accomplished by focusing on the knowledge and expertise required, instead of merely concentrating on commercial production.
The improvement of this knowledge is made through various innovations. Accordingly, continuous innovation receives top priority.
In our long term plans for development,the area where we rely on innovation the most is the integration of industrial standards and market demands . We are open to the idea of technological transfers and prepared to design the most efficient manufacturing procedures for items of production spin off as well.
Innovational objectives:

- Technical advisory during the preparation of a project
- Providing faster service
- Issuing warranties