KALOPLASZTIK Műanyag és Gumiipari Kft.


Gombolyagi út 1. Kalocsa 6300 Magyarország

Other information

Other information:

KALOplasztik Kft., Kalocsa

KALOplasztik Kft. primarily works as a background industry supplier, manufacturing
plastic and rubber goods in its premises in Kalocsa, Hungary. Its product range includes rubber
sealings, extruded profiles, rubber forms, and products made from thermoplastic plastic.
At the beginning of the Hungarian automobile manufacturing, the company, as a supplier,
committed itself to follow advanced technical and working methods. It is becoming one of the
main suppliers of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. By utilizing the experience gained through Suzuki, it has
challenged itself among western automobile suppliers, and by now, Kal oplasztik is a frontline
supplier of ADAM OPEL AG. Its products are used by every European assembly firm.
Moreover, Kal oplasztik’s activities cover all branches of rubber and plastic production.