KALO-MÉH Trans Kft.


Ciglédi kertek Kalocsa 6300 Magyarország

Other information

Other information:

KALO-MÉH Trans Kft., Kalocsa

KALO-MÉH Transport Ltd. was established in 1997 as a family-run enterprise. Since
then, the company has gone through a number of changes.
Currently, KALO-MÉH Trans Ltd comprises four premises. The headquarters can be found in
Ciglédi Gardens, Kalocsa, the premises are located at 10. Kiskőrösi út, Kecskemét.
The firm’s main activities are purchasing and selling waste, transportation of goods within Hungary
and abroad. Waste is transported to the premises by residents, firms and enterprises in
their own vehicles.
They provide the up to date transportation, loading, dismantling and the baling of waste by
means of their constantly expanding and renewing stocks of vehicles. In accordance with the
higher expectations of markets, their machinery has been constantly modernised, ensuring
professional and prompt service.