GORTER Fémipari Zrt.


Pf. 6. Kerekegyháza 6041 Magyarország

Other information

Other information:

GORTER Fémipari Zrt., Kerekegyháza

Before the change of regime in Hungary, GORTER was owned by the Hungarian
State and was called Mezőgép, and later on Agrikon. In 2009 the company became the possession
of SAS Property Management Ltd. and the name was changed to Gorter Metallurgical Zrt.
The primary activities of the company include steel and aluminium sheet tooling from raw materials,
profile processing, painting and assembling finished goods, manufacturing welded parts
and components, and producing roof hatches and floor doors. Another significant activity of the
company is the surface treatment of steel and aluminium products in the form of lease work.
Gorter Zrt. is capable of the production of other types of standardized or custom-made products
due to its engineering expertise and preparedness. Furthermore, the company is a reliable
supplier of both multinational (Gorter BV, Scanfill Kft., HAKI AB., Acoal Köfém Kft.) and of firms
that produce in lower quantities.