FESTO-AM Gyártó Kft.


Csillaghegyi út 32-34. Budapest 1037 Magyarország

Other information

Other information:

Festo-AM Gyártó Kft., Budapest

Nowadays companies want to achieve global success, therefore, they are continuously
developing their competitiveness.
Festo’s main goal is to help its partners to increase their productivity. Safety, effectiveness, simplicity
and competence: values that appear in all our products, services, training and educational
supplies, industrial or process automation. Why wouldn't our customer use these advantages?
At Festo’s production company more than 800 people work, 40 engineers out of them employed
at R+D department.
Festo is presented in Hungary for more than 30 years. The commercial unit, Festo Kft. offers
all products made by Festo, and its professional engineers, special advisors with outstanding
expertise provide reliable service. Over 30 000 catalogue products, tailor-made solutions,
ready-to-operate systems and training projects are at the customers’ disposal. Experience on
several industrial fields guarantees common success. This is the key point of system optimisation,
that helps to reach higher productivity.